Special Education

Annette Croucher : Special Education

Annette Croucher | Special Education

My Email: annette.croucher@washk12.org

Pamela Graft : Special Education

Pamela Graft | Special Education

My Email: pamela.graft@washk12.org

Heather Jennings : Math 6 & SPED

Heather Jennings | Math 6 & SPED

My Email: heather.jennings@washk12.org

Katrina Bagnell : Special Education

Katrina Bagnell | Special Education

My Email: katrina.bagnell@washk12.org

Marci Olsen : School Psychologist

Marci Olsen | School Psychologist

My Email: marci.olsen@washk12.org

Sydnee Cannon : Special Education

Sydnee Cannon | Special Education

My Email: sydnee.cannon@washk12.org

Ryan Gaines : Speech

Ryan Gaines | Speech

My Email: ryan.gaines@washk12.org

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