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Importance of RISE testing to our teachers

RISE is a great opportunity for students to show what they have learned.  It allows teachers to gauge the high-levels of learning by understanding the knowledge students have gained.  Students learn life skills where they can work under pressure, accomplish a goal, and acquire essential test-taking skills. –Science 7 teachers

It is essential for students to take the RISE test so as Math 6 teachers we can adequately measure a student’s growth and learning, as well as correctly place students in future math classes.  The RISE results also help us teachers to reflect on “best practices” teaching strategies by knowing where students have succeeded or struggled.–Math 6 Teachers

We’re excited to be approaching the end of the school year and, with our end-of-year testing, the chance for our students to measure their amazing progress on the RISE test!  Every year, we are delighted to see the growth the tests demonstrate, students who take the tests are even more excited to see their progress.   –Language Arts 7 Teachers

The RISE tests have other benefits:  Nearly every college and career path requires stringent testing to gain entrance into their programs or professions.  Our yearly testing helps students gain the confidence and skills to handle important tests in a low-stress, high-encouragement situation.  (As you know, the RISE test has no effect on a student’s grades)

We’re working hard to prepare so students should feel confident in their skills and knowledge.  As parents and guardians, you can encourage your student to look forward to the “big game” that will let your children celebrate their fabulous growth this year. –Fossil Ridge Team