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Wellness Room

District Wellness Website: www.washk12wellness.org/

We are so excited to have a Wellness Room at Fossil Ridge Intermediate School!  The goal of our Wellness Room is to reach self-regulation. Self-regulation is the ability to cheer ourselves up when we’re down and calm ourselves down when we’re upset.  The students at Fossil Ridge have have been taught that all emotions are okay, but not all behavior is okay.

When a student is feeling like they need time in the Wellness Room they ask their teacher for a Wellness Room pass.  Students then come to the Wellness Room and check-in. They then get a 5 or 10 minute timer depending on what they feel they need. There are many tools in the Wellness Room to help students calm down and each student may pick something different to help them individually.  Some of the tools we have in our Wellness Room include: a sketchbook, books, legos, and theraputty. After their timer is out, they clean up, check out, and head back to class.

The Wellness Room is not for meeting up with friends, having conversations with friends, or avoiding class and schoolwork.  Students are still responsible for anything that is missed in class while they are in the Wellness Room. The Wellness Room is for taking a break to refocus or reset, self-regulating, doing your own work, finding the right tool that works for you, learning to express emotions appropriately, and practicing self-care.  We are happy to help the students at Fossil Ridge and hope that many students can benefit from this room not only this year but for many years to come!

Kristy Terry : Wellness Center

Kristy Terry | Wellness Center

My Email: kristy.terry@washk12.org

Katie Jennings : Wellness Center

Katie Jennings | Wellness Center

My Email: katie.jennings@washk12.org

Our Commitment to Student Learning

  • Student learning is the focus of Fossil Ridge Intermediate School. This includes Utah State Standards, core academics, co-curricular activities, and various other skills including personal responsibility, respect, exploration, and leadership.
  • Students who are demonstrating competency in these areas identified by assessment, frequent monitoring, and good choices will be provided with the opportunity to select additional learning opportunities during the school week.
  • Students who require extra assistance in meeting identified standards will be provided extra time during the week for immediate, specific intervention.

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