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Support Staff

Lonie Black : Tech Support

Lonie Black | Tech Support

My Email: lonie.black@washk12.org

Chad Campbell : Counselor

Chad Campbell | Counselor

My Email: chad.campbell@washk12.org

Deb Crawford : Registrar

Deb Crawford | Registrar

My Email: deb.crawford@washk12.org

Jose Castro : Head Custodian

Jose Castro | Head Custodian

My Email: jose.castro@washk12.org

Sarah Cleveland : Librarian

Sarah Cleveland | Librarian

My Email: sarah.cleveland@washk12.org

Jessica Harrington : Learning Coach

Jessica Harrington | Learning Coach

My Email: jessica.harrington@washk12.org

Aubrey Imlay : Finance Secretary

Aubrey Imlay | Finance Secretary

My Email: aubrey.imlay@washk12.org

Robert Lorentzen : ESL Reading

Robert Lorentzen | ESL Reading

My Email: robert.lorentzen@washk12.org

Libby Mabey : Counselor

Libby Mabey | Counselor

My Email: libby.mabey@washk12.org

Penny Norman : Nurse

Penny Norman | Nurse

My Email: penny.norman@washk12.org

Marci Olsen : School  Psychologist

Marci Olsen | School Psychologist

My Email: marci.olsen@washk12.org

Sandra Overfelt : Attendance Secretary

Sandra Overfelt | Attendance Secretary

My Email: sandra.overfelt@washk12.org

Peggy Leavitt : Kitchen Manager

Peggy Leavitt | Kitchen Manager

My Email: peggy.leavitt@washk12.org

Betty Nelson : Lunch Secretary

Betty Nelson | Lunch Secretary

My Email: betty.nelson@washk12.org

Holly Stankosky : Speech Pathologist

Holly Stankosky | Speech Pathologist

My Email: holly.stankosky@washk12.org

Debra Willis : Lic Clinical Social Worker

Debra Willis | Lic Clinical Social Worker

My Email: debralee.willis@washk12.org

James Wittwer : Resource Officer

James Wittwer | Resource Officer

My Email: james.wittwer@washk12.org

Our Commitment to Student Learning

  • Student learning is the focus of Fossil Ridge Intermediate School. This includes Utah State Standards, core academics, co-curricular activities, and various other skills including personal responsibility, respect, exploration, and leadership.
  • Students who are demonstrating competency in these areas identified by assessment, frequent monitoring, and good choices will be provided with the opportunity to select additional learning opportunities during the school week.
  • Students who require extra assistance in meeting identified standards will be provided extra time during the week for immediate, specific intervention.

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