Monday Feb. 15 Presidents' Day (No School)

Friday Feb. 19 End of 2nd Trimester (Report cards will be sent home that day)

Fossil Ridge Recognized as a Model PLC School

Fossil Ridge Intermediate School was recently named a model Professional Learning Community school by Solution Tree and All Things PLC. The school earned this recognition through effective implementation of Professional Learning Community practices which have resulted in increased student learning and achievement over the past three years. Fossil Ridge is 1 of only 7 schools in the state of Utah to receive this tremendous recognition. Please "click" the AllThingsPLC link to the right to find out more about how we achieved this great honor!

Our Commitment to Student Learning

  • Student learning is the focus of Fossil Ridge Intermediate School. This includes Utah State Standards, core academics, co-curricular activities, and various other skills including personal responsibility, respect, exploration, and leadership.
  • Students who are demonstrating competency in these areas identified by assessment, frequent monitoring, and good choices will be provided with the opportunity to select additional learning opportunities during the school week.
  • Students who require extra assistance in meeting identified standards will be provided extra time during the week for immediate, specific intervention.

Student Requirements and Information

  • Students will be required to carry their Student Planner with them for the duration of the school day. This planner will be utilized extensively for the development and progression toward academic goals and for the monitoring of student performance.
  • Student Planners are divided up by week with their academic classes listed daily. If the student requires extra time or assistance in meeting a specific standard or criteria, the student will receive a 'STAMP' in their planner for that particular class.
  • Students who have not received a 'STAMP' for that particular week will be afforded the CHOICE of a variety of classes designed to provide additional learning opportunities.
  • Students with 'STAMPS' in their planner will be REQUIRED to attend a specific intervention class during REACH Time designed to provide additional time and assistance in academic areas.
  • Lost planners will be replaced at a cost of $5.00. Because of the importance of the planner in monitoring student progress, students found without their binder will be required to attend 'Lunchtime Learning' during the lunch period.

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